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Top 5 reasons to get out of the office for your next meeting or conference and book in at Tap Rooms!

Meetings and conferences are an important part of any business, after months without face to face meetings due to Covid-19, it’s time to get back to meetings & conferences in person outside the office!

There are many great benefits to holding conferences or team meetings outside the office, keep reading to find out our top 5 reasons and why you should book in at Tap Rooms.

Gain a new perspective:

Getting out of the office can help to give you and your team a different perspective. It’s time to get out of the same old office boardroom and take a breath of fresh air. New places can help generate new ideas, new perspectives and encourage creativity. At Tap Rooms we have a range of rooms & ways of holding meetings or conferences. Our historic building is situated in the heart of the Rocks, with outdoor dining available or rooms within the building, your team will be inspired by our unique venue to think differently.


Team Building:

The best ways to build team morale is through shared experiences. Enjoying a conference or meeting in a new exciting place can help the team connect, share & learn more about each other. Connecting with each other and clients in a face-to-face manner can help connect people and create lasting relationships. Why not try a brew bar tour or a flower crown class at Tap Rooms? These are great examples of experiences that can help connect your employees, create strong relationships and memories.


Avoid interruptions from the office:

Sometimes office life can get in the way of meetings, constant interruptions from other employees, phone calls and emails can negatively affect your business’s meetings. Getting out of the office allows you to focus on the task at hand and limit interruptions. Tap Rooms has private rooms available for meetings or conferences, allowing you to hold your meeting in private without interruptions.


Morale boost:

Who doesn’t love a lunch or dinner out? It can be a great way to motivate your employees, change up their routine and give them something to look forward to. Holding a meeting or conference outside the office in a new environment could increase interest and generate better team morale. Our menu has a range of options to suit everyone and get your employees excited about their meeting outside the office.


Explore the area:

Why not get to know the area you work in, or an area important to the city you work in? Understanding the local area, learning more about the city and exploring local businesses can be a great benefit to you and your team. Tap Rooms is located in the historic Rocks, with so much history & spectacular views of the Opera house & Harbour bridge it is an ideal place to spend the day exploring.


Keeping those reasons in mind, why not book your next business conference or meeting at Tap Rooms. Situated in the heart of the Rocks, explore the historic area and enjoy a quality meal with your teammates.

From client lunches to team meetings and group presentations, we have multiple rooms that can be transformed to suit your conferencing needs.

View our spaces, facilities and food & drink packages at the link below.

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