Pulled Pork Burger with IPA Sauce & Bacon Crumb

Endeavour Tap Rooms Pulled Pork Burger with IPA Sauce and Bacon Crumb

The perfect saucy burger for a BBQ, dinner party or a few days of Iso indulgence for you. Don’t let the length of this recipe scare you off…create each element separately and it’s easy cheesy!

Serves 10.

Carolina BBQ rub

2 x tsp paprika
1 x tsp salt
1 x tsp white sugar
1 x tsp brown sugar
1 x tsp ground cumin
1 x tsp chilli powder
1 x tsp freshly ground black pepper
1 x tsp cayenne pepper

Place all ingredients in a bowl and stir to combine. Set aside to use as rub on Pork Butt.

Pork Butt

1.5kg x boneless pork shoulder
100ml x canola oil
Carolina BBQ rub (from above)

Score pork butt and rub in the Carolina BBQ spice mix. Cover with the canola oil and smoke for 4-5 hours at 120 degrees celsius.

Once smoked, place in a deep pan, cover with water and cook at 150 degrees celsius for 1.5 hours or until very tender. Allow to cool in stock.

When cool, remove from stock and lightly shred the pork with a large fork and place into pan with a couple of spoons of the stock to keep moist until needed.

IPA Cheese Sauce

250g x cream cheese
250g x tasty shredded cheese
250g x high melt burger cheese
250ml x IPA beer
100ml x water
25ml x Worcestershire sauce
25g x American mustard
1 x pinch smoked paprika
1 x pinch cayenne pepper
Salt & pepper

Add liquids to a thick bottomed pan and heat slowly with the cream cheese. Gradually add the other cheeses, whisking to break them down.

Blend with a stick blender to make it smooth while still hot. Season with salt while blending to reduce the risk of mixture splitting.

Endeavour BBQ Sauce

30 x cloves garlic confit
1/4 x bunch celery (chopped)
1 x brown onion (sliced)
2 x tsp olive oil
1 x tsp ground cloves
2 x tsp liquid smoke
1 x tbsp chipotle puree
400ml x tomato sauce
100ml x water
62g x brown sugar
100ml x Worcestershire sauce
100ml x cider vinegar
200ml x stout beer
100g x butter


Roast onion, celery and garlic slowly at 150 degrees celsius until moisture has evaporated then add all the ingredients except the butter. Cook for approximately 2-3 hours on low-med heat.

Blend sauce with stick blender while slowly adding the butter then pass through fine strainer.

Set aside to cool in refrigerator.

Bacon Crumb

250g x bacon
50g x fried crispy shallot
1/4 x loaf of dark rye sourdough (or similar)

Cut bacon rashes and bake on baking paper at 160 degrees celsius until completely dry.

Roughly tear apart the bread and dry in the oven on low heat.

Once cooled, blend all the ingredients in a food processor. Aim for 60% bacon, 30% breadcrumb, 10% fried shallots.

Cabbage Slaw

1/2 x cabbage
1/2 x bunch parsley
2 x lemons squeezed
1/2 x cup olive oil

Finely slice cabbage and chop parsley. Place in a bowl and dress with lemon, olive oil and salt to taste (just before needed).

Building the Burger

Shredded pork mix
IPA sauce
BBQ sauce
Bacon crumb
Cabbage slaw
Sliced pickles
10 x Burger buns

Cut burger buns in half and toast with some olive oil in a pan or under the grill.

Place BBQ sauce on the bottom of the bun. Next layer on the slaw, pickles and pork then lather with IPA sauce and sprinkle on the bacon crumb. Top with a burger bun and you’re done!