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New Beer Alert: V.E.R.D



This new ‘Red Dwarf’ beer is a collaboration with the brew maltster at Voyager and Endeavour Beer. After visiting them in Griffith late last year and grabbing some Voodoo malt that went into the Dark Saison, Voyager came over our neck of the woods with a malt they have been playing around with.

The malt was a Munich style, but with a more character and colour to it that the usual Munich malt we use in here at the Taprooms. With the malt bill being 100% of this ‘Super Munich’, it sure was going to make a massive impact on the beer. This malt from Voyager adds a nice light red/amber colour to the beer, and the use of Galaxy in the whirlpool has given the beer a sweet passionfruit aroma paired with the sweet scent of the Super Munich.


Using 100% specialty malt has made the beer come out quite sweet and dense, and this is further enhanced by lower carbonation in the beer. Still, this has meant an increase in the bitterness of this beer from our normal mid strength to offset the sweetness from the malt and help keep some balance to the beer, with was also helped with an Ella dry hop, and give a slight space character to pair well with the nutty/earthy/woody character of the malt at the back end.

Screen Shot 2018-03-14 at 11.15.13 am.png

The low luminosity and higher density of Red Dwarfs relates well to the low alcohol and high finishing gravity this beer has. Enjoy your journey with this Super Munich malt beer, into a hop Galaxy of Red Dwarf. Hope you find it an Ella’va beer, and at 3%, you may still be able to fly your space ship afterwards.

Join us at Endeavour Tap Rooms for a taste of this delicious new brew!