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Meet Endeavour Senior Brewer: Scotty

Meet the Brewer Behind the Beer at Endeavour Tap Rooms

Scott O’Brien is Senior Brewer at Endeavour Brewing Co. and has more than 10 years of experience under his belt.

Located on the ground floor of Endeavour Tap Rooms is a 600-litre brewhouse with eight vessels. There are 5 fermenters on site, with two dedicated to the Stacked IPA, one to Growers Golden Ale and the other two supply taps 6,7 & 8.

In the bar there are four key lines and four rotating taps which change regularly.

You’ll find Scotty brewing every Tuesday morning using all-Australian ingredients. Native ingredients include native pale malt from farming region in Griffith, NSW. We also use all-Australian hops from farms in NSW, Victoria & Tasmania.

“Endeavour endeavours to make the best Australian beers from the very best Australian ingredients on offer” 

Scotty’s Brewing Process

First we start with a recipe idea and develop it to include Australian ingredients. The brewing process is commenced by mashing the malt to extract the sugary wort, adding hops and boiling for an hour. We then cool it down and transfer to our fermenter where we add the yeast that turns sugar water into beer. More hops are added to our hoppy beer for aroma.

Once fermentation is finished we chill it down to zero degrees, transfer it to our bright tank for carbonation, then package into kegs ready to go onto tap.

It is generally a 3 week process from brew day through to fermentation, ageing and then packaging into kegs ready to drink fresh from the tap at Endeavour Tap Rooms.

A Bit About Scotty

Favourite Endeavour Beer

“As Senior Brewer, it’s hard to pick my favourite! The first Endeavour beer I tried was the Reserve Amber Ale, but I would have to say that our STACKED IPA is my go to. I love hop forward beers and have really pushed Aussie hops to their potential in this brew.”

Where it all began

Scotty went from mechanical engineering to brewing, first as a passion, now as his full time profession. Always pushing the boundaries as a self-confessed “hop junkie”, Scotty studied under the tutelage of former Head Brewer JB, and took over the Senior Brewer reigns in late 2018 to work alongside Founding Brewer, Andy.

Scott’s beers and recipes have gone on to win multiple awards at The Indies and Sydney Royal Beer competitions.

There is always something exciting brewing in the Brew Bar! Join us & enjoy a Tasting Paddle to sample 4 Endeavour Beers, make sure you let us know your favourite.