Following the NSW Government’s announcement for all non-essential services to shut down due to COVID-19, we are temporarily closing our doors until further notice. Stay safe Sydney, see you on the other side! Stay updated 

January Long Weekend

Together we are Australia.

However you feel about activities on 26th January in Australia, we’d like to take the opportunity to bring people together over the long weekend to reflect on and acknowledge our nations very long history and how we can move forward as a united community.

Let’s use the day to show our respect for the beautiful land we live on and the diversity of all us of that are lucky enough to call it home.

Our doors will be open all long weekend from 11am for you to enjoy cold house-brewed beers, food specials made with native ingredients and live music. 

Plus sit back and enjoy live music on Saturday and Sunday afternoon.
Saturday from 5pm – 8pm: Andro & Carlos
Sunday from 4pm – 7pm: Tommy Novak